Chances Are

Chances are As you’ve made it this far The cigarettes and needles Won’t stick around as tar Chances are Your scars from the streets Will be a mere memory A warrior’s scar You may see a loser A crippled outcast all lost But I see a love chooser Not willing to pay the cost Of […]

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The Downside of Disclosure

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off –“Lemon,” N.E.R.D. Once the world learns of the crimes against humanity committed by the wealthy sociopaths who hold the real power in society — including sexual depravity and violence against children on a more extensive level than most could even comprehend — […]

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The Impermanence of Loneliness

Many initially approach the Buddhist concept of impermanence with fear because it means moments of joy are fleeting and do not stick around. The irony is anyone who feels fearful or sad about that, as I often have, tends to be those who have few moments of joy in their lives anyway, and we’re all […]

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Be A Generosity Scientist

True joy comes from giving without expecting anything because you recognize what you have already received that brang you joy in the past. This world is broken and harsh in part because people too often fall prey to amnesia stemming from complacency and a lack of gratitude. In this way, practicing gratitude makes it easier […]

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